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Just throwing together whatever comes up, more or less as it surfaces, and will do something about better organization eventually ... In my early twenties, I looked around in the Genealogy section of the New York Public Library to see what I could find about Vanderburg. I remember the earliest reference to a Vanderburg in the Americas was a Captain Henry Vanderburg, and there is a Henry included in the list of the LEGION OF THE UNITED STATES, 1792-1796


From Cousin Gay:

Your grandparents were William Levi "Bill" Vanderburg and Elizabeth Ruth "Lizzie" (Gustin) Elder. She was born in 1873 and was the daughter of Lafayette Gustin of Indiana. [She was widowed, with a son, when she married Uncle Bill, and she was his 3rd wife.]

Gay also said: "we share the same great-grandparents (Julius Abiel Vanderburg and Leah Adaline Blalock)."


from The Vanderburg Page

This group of Vanderburg families originated in Cabarrus County, North Carolina from the marriage of Francis Vanderburg and Maria Christina Lydecker 25 November 1795. Christina was the daughter of Johannes Philipp Leyendecker and Rosina Ladig. Parents of Francis have not been determined at this time.

Descended from Francis Vanderburg:


Children of Francis Vanderburg (2nd) & Elizabeth Perry

married 24 November 1821

Amzi b. 7 August 1822 m. Sophia Ann Petry 1844
Martin b. 7 November 1823 m. Caroline Smith 1849
JULIUS A. b. 25 September 1825 m. Adaline Blalock
Levi b. 12 November 1826 m. Julia ?
Mary Caroline b. 12 June 1829 m. Asa Bost
Loveless b. 1830 m.
William Carson b. 1835 m. Jane Tally m. 2 Sarah J. Swearington
Lawson b. m. Frances Wilson 11 March 1856


Julius A. VANDERBURG was born on 25 Sep 1825 in , , North Carolina. He was born on 25 Sep 1825 in Cabarrus County, North Carolina. He was christened in 1870 in Listed occupation as a "Miner" on the Census.. He died in 1880 in Gadsen, Delta County, Texas. He died about 1885 in Lamar County (Gadston), Texas. North Carolina Marriage Bonds - Record # 01602199 - Thomas C. Miller, Bondsman Jno A. Bradshaw, Witness Bond # 000010443

He was married to Leah Adaline BLALOCK on 27 Nov 1848 in Cabarrus County, North Carolina. Leah Adaline BLALOCK was born on 2 Aug 1825 in Cabarrus County (Mt. Pleasant), North Carolina. She died on 11 Mar 1891. She died on 11 Mar 1891 in Delta County (Mt. Joy), Texas. She was christened on 11 Mar 1891 in Buried at Staten Cemetery. Julius A. VANDERBURG and Leah Adaline BLALOCK had the following children:

child +65 i. William Levi VANDERBURG.
child +66 ii. Newton Jasper VANDERBURG.
child 67 iii. Lloyd Calvin VANDERBURG was born in 1853 in Cabarrus County, North Carolina.
child +68 iv. Eve E. VANDERBURG.
child +69 v. James Gilmore "Jim" VANDERBURG.
child 70 vi. Noah F. VANDERBURG was born in 1868 in Cabarrus County, North Carolina.
child +71 vii. Loyd Calvin VANDERBURG.
child +72 viii. Mattie VANDERBURG.


William Levi VANDERBURG was born on 17 Oct 1849 in Cabarrus County, North Carolina. He died on 15 May 1921 in Lamar County (Chicota), Texas. Fathered at least 23 children by 3 wives.

Julia Ann HONEYCUTT was born on 12 May 1849. She died on 21 Oct 1889 in Lamar county, Texas. William Levi VANDERBURG and Julia Ann HONEYCUTT had the following children:

child +172 i. John Wesley VANDERBURG.
child +173 ii. James Adam VANDERBURG.
child +174 iii. Sally VANDERBURG.
child 175 iv. Robert Lee VANDERBURG was born in 1879 in Mississippi.
child +176 v. Luther Cotts VANDERBURG.
child 177 vi. Lee VANDERBURG (Private).
child 178 vii. Alonzo VANDERBURG (Private).
child 179 viii. Samuel L. VANDERBURG was born in 1874 in , , Mississippi.
child +180 ix. William Haynes VANDERBURG.
child +181 x. John VANDERBURG.
child +182 xi. Lula VANDERBURG.

He was married to Rebecca EDWARDS on 26 Nov 1889 in Delta County, Texas. William Levi VANDERBURG and Rebecca EDWARDS had the following children:

child +182 i. Lula VANDERBURG.
child 183 ii. Jesse L. VANDERBURG was born in Apr 1890 in , , Texas.
child +184 iii. Sanford , Sr. VANDERBURG.
child 185 iv. Ida VANDERBURG (Private).
child 186 v. Ada VANDERBURG (Private).
child 187 vi. Stanford VANDERBURG (Private).

He was married to Elizabeth Gustin (Lizzie) ELDER on 29 May 1897 in Delta County (Cooper), Texas. Elizabeth Gustin (Lizzie) ELDER was born in Mar 1873 in Kansas. She died on 18 Jun 1940. William Levi VANDERBURG and Elizabeth Gustin (Lizzie) ELDER had the following children:

child +188 i. Dewey VANDERBURG.
child +189 ii. Calvin Young VANDERBURG.
child 190 iii. Fannie G. VANDERBURG was born on 6 Jun 1906. She died on 27 Sep 1907 in Lamar county, Texas.
child +191 iv. Volly Valentine VANDERBURG.
child +192 v. Opal VANDERBURG.
child +193 vi. Albert Lester VANDERBURG.
child 194 vii. Earl VANDERBURG.


Albert Lester VANDERBURG was born on 28 Nov 1914 in Lamar County (Chicota), Texas. He died on 22 Feb 1987 in Anaheim, California.

He was married to Martha Ruth PROTZ on 22 Sep 1939 in Lewisville, Arkansas. Albert Lester VANDERBURG and Martha Ruth PROTZ had the following children:

child 492 i. Albert Lester VANDERBURG (Private).
child +493 ii. Janet Ruth VANDERBURG.


Subject: mtjoy.txt

Mt. Joy Cemetery, Delta County, Texas

This cemetery is located in the northern part of Delta Co., Tx. From Hwy. 19 and 24 (combined), go East on Tx Hwy 198, for about 2.4 miles. At the T intersection, go North on FM 1742, for about 2.7 miles. The road continues on as a dirt road, for another .2 mile. The first left on this dirt road, is the road you take. There are also road signs, showing where the cemetery is located.

These inscriptions were made with the help of my niece, Erin, and my son Michael, who has been to more cemeteries with me, than he has movi es!

Some of the tombstones are broken, missing, or have mistakes.

[Like some of those buried beneath them, no doubt.]

Please note that the inscriptions were made to the best of my ability, and transcribed exactly as they are written on the marker.

Please also be aware that I am liable to human errors, also. Thx!

Note: all but "Vanderburg" omitted

Wife of W.L. Vanderburg
born May 12, 1849
died Oct 21, 1889

L.A. Vanderburg
born Aug 2, 1825
died Mar. 11, 1891

Ada Vanderburg
born Oct 15, 1894
died Feb 4, 1895

Ida Vanderburg
With Jesus

Grey, Joseph Young, Sr.
1845 - 1905
Vanderburg, Eva E.
1858 - 1905

Virgie D. Vanderburg
born Dec 25, 1898
died Dec 25, 1898

Verda B.
Dau. of N.J. & O.S.Vanderburg
Born & Died
May 1, 1896

Rosie Ettie
Dau. of N.J. & O.S. Vanderburg
born June 27, 1881
died Aug 5, 1882

Son of N.J. & O.S. Vanderburg
born Sep 22, 1829
died Nov 2, 1829

Mary Lee
Dau. of M.J. & O.S. Vanderburg
born Nov 4, 1884
died Jan 20, 1901


To Cousin Tanya:

"My grandfather is Dewey S. Vanderburg & my father is Jerrell Vanderburg."

Ah, that would make your grandfather my uncle.

Extraordinary. This is the first contact I've had with my father's family since childhood.

Dewey was my father Albert's eldest brother, I believe. If you'd like to see photographs of your Great-Uncle Albert and Great-Aunt Martha:


Helen wrote:

: In Hawaii that would be your 2nd cousin. Someplace else
: it would be your 1st cousin, once removed.


To a local mail-list:

Having fun with this ancestor/relative research. So far my favorite is:

"Loveless Vanderburg, Pvt. Company B 7th Regiment, N.C. State Troops Enlisted July 12, 1861,for the war. Present or accounted for until he died on December 15, 1862, or in May-June 1863. Place and cause of death not reported."


Craig asked:

: First cousin once removed. Gonna start working on your "Roots"?

Heh. Not took difficult with such a relatively uncommon (at least outside The Netherlands) surname. Only 378 in the "Social Security Death Index". When I kick off, there will be three Albert Vanderburg's on the list.

When I first got access to the Web, wasn't a single Vanderburg found by the search engines. Then Glenn showed up (he's written a couple of books on Java) and now there's a bunch of stuff, even one site which lists all the gravestones in a little Texas cemetery, the majority of which are Vanderburg's.


Amzi Vanderburg

Vanderburg, Amzi
Branch of Service: Army-Infantry
Company/Regiment: Co.A , North Carolina Inf.
Date of Service: 12-3-1861
Starting Rank: private
Discharge Rank: private
Date of Discharge: jan/feb 1864
Reason for Discharge: released from old capitol prison

Lineage from John Terrell, to Amzi Vanderburg

1 Cleta Mae Jameson Relationship: Mother
Birth Date: 10-21-1938 Birth Location: Sebastian Co. Arkansas

2 Edith Elaine Van Cleave Relationship: Mother
Birth Date: 11-6-1906 Birth Location: Sebastian Co. Arkansas

3 Nellie Lee Vanderburg Relationship: Mother
Birth Date: 2-6-1884 Birth Location: Sebastian Co. Arkansas
Death Date: 9-10-1973 Death Location: Sebastian Co. Arkansas

4 Columbus Marion Vanderburg Relationship: Father
Birth Date: 2-22-1855 Birth Location: Cabarrus, N.C.
Death Date: 6-1-1927 Death Location: Sebastian Co. Arkansas

5 Amzi Vanderburg Relationship: Father
Birth Date: 8-7-1822 Birth Location: Cabarrus, N.C.
Death Date: about 1870 Death Location: ?, Mississippi

Additional Biographical Information

Amzi was listed on a hospital roll in Richmond Va with a wound to the hand in Sept 1862. He was captured at Fredricksburg on 12-13-1862, and paroled for exchange on 12-17-1862. He was then captured at Chancellorsville with wounds to the face and neck. (One of his brothers was killed at the second Bull Run several days later.) He was then held at the Old Captiol Prison in Washington and was listed as being released in Jan/Feb 1864.


Dennis J. Vanderburg:


Glenn Vanderburg:

From Glenn:

: I mentioned you in my latest "Tale", said you could set up
: a Black Sheep of the Family section.

If I started categorizing things that way, I suspect that would be the bigger section. :-)

Well, if you're related to the folks in Paris, you're definitely related to me. My dad's family is from the Texarkana area, but he has met several Vanderburgs from Paris and they've found the connection (I can't recall right now whether it was one of my grandfather's or my great-grandfather's siblings).


Kevin Vanderburg:


Cousin Tanya wrote:

When I saw your name yesterday and your location I was wondering if that was who your father was. Your father was my dad's favorite Uncle. He always wanted to go to California to see him, but never had the money at that time.

My father was here last week & we went & saw the town that Francis Vanderburg lived in. We saw his grave site since then I have found out where the farm is located & the gold mine. Next year when my father comes up we'll have to go back & see that. A couple of our distant cousins still live on the Vanderburg Farm. [ref: The Vanderburg Page]


: Do any of you know anything about a Vanderburg County, IL?

Only what I see on the web, including


See also Vanderburg family history


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